Lauren Boasberg, LMFT



Getting Past your Past, Francine Shapiro

The Body Keeps the Score,  Bessel van der Kolk

Waking the Tiger, Peter A. Levine

Meditation for Beginners, Jack Kornfield

Attached, Amir Levine and Rachel Heller

The Dark Side of the Light Chasers, Debbie Ford

Man's Search for Meaning, Viktor E. Frankl


Notice That, Jen Savage and Melissa Sundwall

Trauma Therapist, Guy Macpherson

Where Should We Begin? Esther Perell

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Tools to use 
EMDR therapists help their clients develop a toolbox of skills to use for self care. Some clients come to therapy with their own set, while others have very little or none. Here is a list of some things you can start implementing today. These can be used as a means of joy or if you are struggling emotionally. What is important is that you experiment with different resources to find your favorite. Remember that you do not have to do the same things every day. You can pick what is right for you in the moment. 

Breathing Exercises

Diaphragmatic Breathing      *      Alternate Nostril Breathing      *      Breath Awareness      *     10 deep Breaths


Yoga      *      Pilates      *      Stretching      *      Bike riding      *      Walking      *      Running/jogging      *      Hiking

Weight Lifting      *      Surfing      *      Golfing


Watch a movie or tv show          *          Read a book or listen to one on Audible          *          Play a game 

Listen to Music/make a playlist    *    Listen to a Podcast    *    Watch a Ted Talk    *    Do a crossword or Sudoku 


Draw                *                Paint                *               Sculpt                *                Doodle                *               Mixed Media


Journal your feelings            *             Write a poem to express yourself            *            Write a short story


Call a friend              *              Hang out with a friend              *             Connect with a friend on social media

Join a meetup group          *          Go to an event from Eventbrite          *          Go to a community event


Get a massage      *      Take a bath      *      Take a shower      *      Use Essential oils or scented lotion 

Light some Palo Santo or Sage      *      Gets some crystals that you are drawn to    *    Light a scented candle


Go outside and garden, water your plants      *      Clean out and organize and area of your home

Play a musical instrument        *        Bake or cook something         *        Walk your dog        *        Decorate 


Feed the homeless         *         Read books at a Senior living center         *         Volunteer to clean up the city