Lauren Boasberg, LMFT


How does EMDR work?

EMDR works by thinking about disturbing memories and pairing them with some form of BLS. The goal is to alleviate the disturbance by reprocessing the memory and giving it new meaning. All of the thoughts, feelings and body sensations that went with the memory are cleared along with it. 

what is bilateral stimulation ?

Bilateral stimulation is a stimulus that is presented to both sides of the body at different times. Common ones used in EMDR are eye movements, audio tones and tapping.

can it help me?

EMDR was originally developed to treat people with PTSD but therapists quickly realized that it works to help anyone get unstuck from unhealthy patterns. There are people that it doesn’t work for but they are few and far between.

how long will it take to work?

EMDR is fast! It can take someone 3-6 months, sometimes  a person needs longer.  It all depends on how fast a person moves through memories 

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